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This Forest Has Deep Roots.
Annual Appeal 2021

Dear Friend,


Nature lovers know that flowers are beautiful, but sometimes we forget that flowers need a deep, healthy root system to bloom. In good years, plants and trees add roots, in others, they use some of those stores to get by.


For decades, generous donors like you have created a deep network of reserves, both personal and financial, that has allowed Briar Bush to hold fast through the pandemic. We continue to find ways to safely get people outside, teach creatively beyond our site, care for animals, and protect our woods. But like sugar maples with syrup, our roots need new energy to continue to be productive.


As well as finding ways to inspire wonder at the natural world, we have used this time to plan, to reevaluate, and to prepare. Recent initiatives include:


· A new online registration and donation system

· Renovations to office and visitor spaces

· Work to implement Master Plan improvements

· Creation of a Scholarship Fund, so everyone can enjoy Briar Bush programs


With spring in the air, Briar Bush is ready to bloom once more. Please consider helping us grow our roots deeper and spread our branches wider.

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 Mark Fallon, Director

 Briar Bush Nature Center

Native Prairie Roots
Native Prairie Roots

Tim and Gabrielle
Tim and Gabrielle

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Native Prairie Roots
Native Prairie Roots