SAGE Sessions for SeniorS

Seasoned Adults Growing Environmentally

Sponsored by Briar Bush Nature Center in partnership with the Visiting Nurse Association

VNA's Aging at Home Members: Free

Briar Bush Members: Free

Non-Members: $5

Join the Briar Bush Staff for an afternoon of discussion about interesting and relatable environmental topics. Light refreshments will be served. Ample parking is available.

To register, please call Briar Bush at (215) 887-6603.

Stay tuned for future in-person SAGE Sessions!


online sessions


Keystone Species

The Keystone State got its nickname due to being the middle of the 13 original colonies that became the United States and has played a key role in the economic, political and social development of the nation. A plant or animal can similarly be the key to the health and development of whole ecosystems. Come learn about how some special species hold nature together, including examples from right here in the Keystone State.

Watch it now; presented by Mark Fallon.

Earth Day

Save the Earth, we only have one! Does the Earth really need saving? Maybe it needs saving….from us. Learn better practices of reduce, reuse, and recycle at this month’s SAGE talk. Obtain new ways of living that will better our environment. A little change to our daily lives will make a big impact to our world. We are all in this together.

Watch it now; presented by Ehren Gross.

Down and Dirty: What is Soil?

Parents usually call it dirt. Gardeners refer to it as soil. But, what is it, really? Marvelous mud or mundane muck? In this program, we will get down to the nitty-gritty, our noses (nearly) to the ground. Using microscopes, photos, and channeling a particular cooking show, Naturalist Mark Fallon will stir up some answers on the mysteries of soil.

Watch it now; presented by Mark Fallon.