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Virtual Animal Encounters
Program Information & Request Form

If your group is unable to visit Briar Bush Nature Center or have us visit you, consider scheduling a Virtual Animal Encounter! Briar Bush offers virtual programming with our Animal Ambassadors ranging from short 10-minute cameos to 60-minute encounters. Suggest a theme or view our group programs for themes.

Make your child’s birthday a hoot!

Take a break with a snake!

Make your next work meeting awesome with an opossum!

10-Minute Cameo (1 animal) - $30

20-Minute Encounter (3 animals) - $50

30-Minute Encounter (4 animals) - $60

45-Minute Encounter (5 animals) - $70

60-Minute Encounter (6 animals) - $90


To book a program, complete the Request Form below!

**The recording or rebroadcasting of 20 to 60 minute programs is prohibited.**

Please note that virtual programs, including attendees' Zoom video, audio, and screen name, may be recorded. All or portions of the program recording may be shared through BBNC digital releases/website, etc. Individuals who do not want their identities to be captured are solely responsible for turning off their camera, muting their microphone, and/or adjusting their screen name accordingly. By attending this program, you consent to your name, voice, and/or image being recorded and to BBNC reproducing, distributing, and otherwise displaying the recording, within its sole discretion.

Virtual Animal Program
Request Form

If you have any questions regarding this form, please email Melissa Eldridge at

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