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Summer Camp Programs

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Full-Day Camps for Ages 10-12

Ages 10-12


Our Full-Day Travel Camps for Ages 10-12 involve the best of Briar Bush while introducing new adventures to kids. All camps include travel in the Briar Bush Van to regional sites relating to the camp theme. All trip fees are included in camp cost.

The five camp themes below repeat twice throughout the summer. Campers cannot be registered for the same theme more than once. Campers registered for more than one week per theme will be removed.

Forces of Nature

Instructor: Ehren Gross

June 20-23* $380.00 | Res: $342.00 | Mem: $304.00 - FULL
July 31-August 4$405.00 | Res: $364.50 | Mem: $324.00 - FULL


This week, young apprentices will train in all terrains to master nature's forces of water, earth, wind, and fire. Apprentices will create sabers, complete training trials, battle evil forces, and return balance to the universe!

If the session is full, please call Briar Bush Nature Center at (215) 887-6603 to be added to the waiting list.

Aquatic Adventures

Instructor: Briar Bush Educator

June 26-30 - $435.00 | Res: $391.50 | Mem: $348.00 - FULL
August 7-11$435.00 | Res: $391.50 | Mem: $348.00 - FULL

Let's get wet and wild as we explore local waterways and aquatic ecosystems! We'll spend the week collecting macroinvertebrates and practicing fishing at Briar Bush, Alverthorpe Park, and other waterways. We'll even have a guided tour at another local nature center's waterway!

Outdoor Adventure II

Instructor: Heidi Malizia

July 3, 5-7* - $440.00 | Res: $396.00 | Mem: $352.00 - FULL

August 14-18 - $465.00 | Res: $418.50 | Mem: $372.00 - FULL

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Look no further! This year, we'll step it up a notch with outdoor rock climbing at Ralph Stover, paddling local waterways, exploring treetop obstacles and zip-lines at TreeTrails Adventures, stream-stomping, hiking, and taking aim with archery.

Daring Camp for Girls

Instructor: Katie Fisk

July 10-14 - $465.00 | Res: $418.50 | Mem: $372.00 - OPEN
August 21-25$465.00 | Res: $418.50 | Mem: $372.00 - FULL

Inspired by The Daring Book for Girls by Miriam Peskowitz, this camp is for those who identify as girls and have a spirit for adventure. Our daring girls will get outside building fires, exploring a cave, learning archery, using power tools, and just being themselves!

Outdoor Survival II

Instructor: Briar Bush Educator

July 17-21$405.00 | Res: $364.50 | Mem: $324.00 - FULL
August 28-September 1$405.00 | Res: $364.50 | Mem: $324.00 - FULL

The most important tool in a survival situation is your brain and this camp is designed to put it to the test! Can you solve problems using only the clothes on your back, catch a fish with only a hook and piece of fishing line, or start a fire without matches? Both veterans and first-time Outdoor Survival campers will find this week both fun and challenging!

Extended Care

Before and After Care are available for Full-Day Campers ages 10-12.

Please register for Before/After Care at the time of camp registration.

Before Care



After Care




If you have any questions,

please call Briar Bush at (215) 887-6603.

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