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Full-Day Camps for Ages 10-12

Ages 10-12


Our Full-Day Travel Camps for Ages 10-12 involve the best of Briar Bush while introducing new adventures to kids. All camps include travel in the Briar Bush Van to regional sites relating to the camp theme. All trip fees are included in camp cost.

Please note that camps of the same theme include the same lessons, activities, games and field trips. Be sure to register for only one week of a camp theme.

Outdoor Survival I

Instructor: Katie Fisk
June 21-24*
August 1-5


If you were lost in the woods, how long could you stay alive? What skills would you need to help you survive? From fire starting to shelter building and orienteering to edible plants, get ready to learn real-life survival skills and put them to the test!

$375 | Member Price: $300        FULL

$400 | Member Price: $320        FULL


Call BBNC at (215) 887-6603 to be added to the waiting list for full camps.

Streaming Nature

Instructor: Sabrina Rowe
June 27-July 1
August 8-12

It’s time to meet nature face-to-face, so leave your screens at home! This week, we’ll discover local waterways and explore the life within. We’ll also visit the Aquaponics Greenhouse at Riverbend Environmental Education Center and tour Whitesbog Preservation Trust, a historic cranberry and blueberry bog!

$400 | Member Price: $320        FULL

$400 | Member Price: $320        FULL

Outdoor Adventure I

Instructor: Heidi Malizia
July 5-8*
August 15-19


Are you an adventurous kid who loves the outdoors? Well, this is the camp for you! Challenge yourself on a high ropes course. Kayak and explore Delaware Canal State Park. Hunt for fossils in New Jersey. Then, hike, stream-stomp, learn archery, and more. 
Adventure awaits!

$425 | Member Price: $340        FULL

$450 | Member Price: $360        FULL

Farm to Table

Instructor: Will Cameron
July 11-15
August 22-26


We find our food in grocery stores, but where does it come from in the first place? Discover how food makes its way from farm to table. Learn about food origins by visiting a farm. Create tasty dishes and jam from freshly picked fruits. Bake bread and make your own cheese. "Lettuce" dig in!

$425 | Member Price: $340        FULL

$425 | Member Price: $340        FULL

CSI: Nature Detectives

Instructor: Ehren Gross
July 18-22
August 29-September 2


Become a rookie investigator and solve the natural mysteries at Briar Bush. We'll look at a variety of forensic and environmental factors at play at our "crime scene." Improve your sleuthing skills and knowledge of nature by visiting the Mutter Museum and trying your hand at an escape room. Let's see if we can solve the mystery! Dun-Dun-Duuunnn!

$400 | Member Price: $320        FULL

$400 | Member Price: $320        FULL

Extended Care

Before and After Care are available for Full-Day Campers ages 10-12.

Please register for Before/After Care at the time of camp registration.

Before Care



After Care




If you have any questions,

please call Briar Bush at (215) 887-6603.