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Summer Camp Programs


Full-Day Travel Camps for Ages 8-9

Ages 8-9


Our Full-Day Travel Camps for Ages 8-9 involve the best of Briar Bush while introducing new adventures for kids. All camps include travel in Briar Bush vans to regional sites relating to the camp theme. All trip fees are included in camp cost. Full-Day Travel Camps for Ages 8-9 are not offered the week of July 22-26.

Campers must be age 8-9 at the time of the sessions below in order to participate in Full-Day Travel Camp for Ages 8-9. The five camp themes below repeat twice throughout the summer. Campers cannot be registered for the same theme more than once. Campers registered for more than one week per theme will be removed.

Please call Briar Bush Nature Center at

(215) 887-6603 to be added to the waiting list.

Time Trekkers

Instructor: Heidi Malizia




If you could go back in time, would you? Follow the footsteps of the Lenape people at Robbins Park. Joust, noodle-fence, and explore a castle playground. Experience life in the 18th century at Peter Wentz Farmstead. Visit the mill at Morris Arboretum. Swing, climb, and have a swashbuckling time like pirates at Treehouse World. Get ready to trek through time!

$400.00 | Res: $360.00 | Mem: $320.00*

$500.00 | Res: $450.00 | Mem: $400.00

June 17-18, 20-21* - FULL

July 29-August 2 - FULL

Beaks, Wings, and Feathered Things

Instructor: Katie Fisk




From their ability to fly to their colors and songs, birds are fascinating creatures. This week, we'll go on bird watching trips, learn to set up bird-friendly backyard habitats, complete an egg drop challenge, and meet some real birds up close!

$475.00 | Res: $427.50 | Mem: $380.00

$475.00 | Res: $427.50 | Mem: $380.00

June 24-28 - FULL

August 5-9 - FULL

Nature Art

Instructor: Ehren Gross




This week is a mix of outdoor adventure and art creation! We'll explore surrounding parks and other natural areas to gain inspiration as we use natural and recycled materials to create amazing works of art.

July 1-3* - FULL

August 12-16 - FULL

$285.00 | Res: $256.50 | Mem: $228.00*

$475.00 | Res: $427.50 | Mem: $380.00

Reading the Land

Instructor: Briar Bush Educator


Nature is full of stories, but can you read its language? Bite marks on leaves, animal scat, footprints, and subtle changes in plant life give us clues as to what is going on in the natural world around us. We'll take a trip to the Wagner Free Institute and a trip to find real fossils to take home!

July 8-12 - FULL

August 19-23 - FULL

$450.00 | Res: $405.00 | Mem: $360.00

$450.00 | Res: $405.00 | Mem: $360.00

Forest Foragers

Instructor: Kyrstin Schwarz


Nature is full of treasures, if you know where to look! Food, tools, and toys can all come from the bounty of our local ecosystems. Come hunt for berries, cordage, clay, tree toothbrushes, and more! *This camp involves the harvesting and consumption of wild edible plants.

July 15-19 - FULL

August 26-30 - FULL

$450.00 | Res: $405.00 | Mem: $360.00

$450.00 | Res: $405.00 | Mem: $360.00

Extended Care

Before and After Care are available for Full-Day Campers. Registration for Extended Care is separate from Summer Camp Registration.

Before Care



After Care



If you have any questions, please call Briar Bush Nature Center at (215) 887-6603.

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