Nature Breaks

Simple ideas to stay connected with nature.

Bring a little excitement to your yard by encouraging birds to nest near your home. Briar Bush's Animal Curator, Katie Fisk, explains the dos and don'ts of what type of material to provide and how to share it with our feathered friends.
This is for the Birds!
Try measuring the rain where you live and learn ways to keep local waterways healthy.
From Rain Buckets to Rain Barrels
Anyone with a mobile device or camera and internet can participate in one of the world's most important snapshot of urban wild things!
City Nature Challenge 2020
Learn about edible wild plants including safety and ethical concerns. Go on a virtual early spring edibles walk and see easy ways to eat the plant at home.
Eat Your Weeds!
The Spotted Lanternfly is a non-native  invasive insect that uses piercing-sucking mouthparts to drink tree sap from over 70 plant species. Uncontrolled populations cause severe damage to the host plants. The Good News: YOU CAN HELP SAVE THE TREES!
Join the Spotted Lanternfly Hunt!
Explore one small area of the Earth.
Micro Hike
See how the Briar Bush staff spent Earth Hour 2020! What will you do?
Earth Hour 2020
Create a sound map by drawing the sounds around you.
Sound Maps

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