Outreach Programs for Preschools

Program Length: 30-minutes

Age Requirement: 3-5 years old

Group Size: Maximum of 25 participants per program

Program Pricing: Preschool Programs are $75.00 per program. Additional programs scheduled on the same day are discounted. A travel fee may apply. For more accurate pricing, please contact us at (215) 887-6603.

*Tiny Tot Program: The Tiny Tot program is a 15-minute program for children ages 0-2 at $30 per program. This option is only available when booking a 30-minute preschool program.

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Programs with Themed Activities

These programs feature games, activities, taxidermy, and props. Content and vocabulary will be age-appropriate. Choose from the following themes or request a theme!

Lenape Life

Explore firsthand what it was like to be a Lenape Indian child by playing games and doing chores just like they did long ago. Children will rotate through stations trying hand-crafted games and tools, wearing clothes, crushing corn, and playing musical instruments.


Bountiful Butterflies

Butterflies fascinate and amaze us with their vibrant colors and mysterious ways. Crawl like a caterpillar, migrate to Mexico, discover how they use their senses, and learn what butterflies are doing in every season of the year.


Programs with Themed Activities and Animal Encounters

These programs feature games, activities, props, taxidermy, and live animals. Content and vocabulary will be age-appropriate. Choose from the following themes or request a theme!

Spring Spectacular

Celebrate the season by doing the bee dance, growing like seeds, and singing like birds. Discover why fawns have spots, and see who is new in the world when spring has sprung!


Winter Wonderment

Nature is always busy, even in winter. Uncover winter's blanket to see how plants store food and discover where animals go to keep warm, find food, and survive this often harsh season. You'll even meet live animals that teach about the season.


Fur, Feathers, and Scales

Identify a variety of animals by what covers their bodies. Animal artifacts and, best of all, the animals themselves teach the differences between fur, feathers, and scales.


Sensational Senses

Animals and humans alike use their senses to explore the world around them. Discover a creature that tastes with its feet and another that identifies objects through touch, then investigate whether having a wet nose helps you smell better.


Tree-mendous Trees

All around us, trees simply teem with life. Discover how trees make food, how their seeds travel and grow, and why some trees lose their leaves and others don't. You'll even meet some animals that live in these gentle giants.


Reptiles are the Rage

Experience reptiles from all over the world, from Abington to the Amazon. Dispel myths, learn about their many special features, and meet these wonderful yet misunderstood creatures.


Pond Adventure

The pond is one of our favorite places to explore here at Briar Bush because it is so full of life! We'll build a pond at your site (no water), learn frog calls, discuss life in and around the pond, go fishing, and even bring some critters that live in and around ponds.


Custom Program

Briar Bush Nature Center has the ability to create custom programs for specific groups who would like our lessons and programs tailored to their interests. Briar Bush has created custom programs for religious groups, libraries, colleges and universities, Scout groups, and more.

Programs with Animal Encounters

Live animals and taxidermy mounts highlight this exciting hands-on experience. Participants learn what behaviors and adaptations are unique to each species, then touch and see the critters up close. Content and vocabulary will be age-appropriate. Choose from the following themes or request a theme!

General Animal Program

Allow the assigned experienced educator to choose the animal line-up for this exciting introduction to a live animal presentation!


Animals Eat What?!

From carnivores to herbivores and everything in between, animals eat all different kinds of food. In this program you'll meet animals with different diets and learn why eating things we may consider gross is deliciously good for that animal and the environment as well.


Where in Winter?

When it's cold outside, animals don't have mittens or hot chocolate to keep them warm. Instead, some sleep through the winter, some have thick fur to stay active, and others just pack up and leave! Learn all about how nature beats the cold in this cool program.


Reptiles All-Around

They're cold-blooded, they're scaly, they're reptiles! These animals are some of the most fascinating and misunderstood on the planet. Get up close and personal with turtles, snakes, and lizards and find out what makes these critters s-s-spectacular and not so scary.


What’s Your Cover?

From fur to feathers, to scales, and more, animals have all different kinds of things that cover their bodies. Some coverings keep an animal warm, some help them to disappear, and some even help an animal be noticed. See a variety of animals and learn how what they wear helps them to survive!


Slither, Scurry, and Soar

They slither, crawl, hop, fly, and scurry. Each animal has its own unique way of moving. Watch Briar Bush's animals move in their own unique ways and then try doing some moving of your own!


Animal Show and Tell

How would you protect yourself in a dangerous situation? Animals have a variety of ways that they protect themselves; some are familiar, some are gross, and some are downright bizarre! Learn about animal defenses from our not-so-dangerous animal ambassadors.