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Cub Scout Programs

Briar Bush Nature Center offers opportunities for Cub Scouts to learn new skills and gain hands-on experiences in nature. Our 12.5 acres of forested trails offer an opportunity for Cub Scouts to explore, discover, and get dirty! Cub Scout Badge Programs are listed below. For more information or to schedule, please call us at (215) 887-6603.


Program cost begins at $8.00 per person. Pack must pay for a minimum of 10 participants. Two adult leaders are free of charge. Any additional adult will be charged as a program participant.

Lion Programs

Mountain Lion Adventure

Practice preparing for a hike by learning about necessary outdoor items and hiking safety. Then, explore the plants and animals on Briar Bush trails while learning how to respect nature. 

Tiger Programs

My Tiger Jungle Adventure

The world includes many types of animals, plants, and insects. Learn more about these critters, understand their role in the environment, and help make a difference in nature.

Tigers in the Wild Adventure

Learn how to prepare for a hike through the Six Essentials, Leave No Trace, and Outdoor Code. Explore the Briar Bush trails in search of plants and wild animals. Then, meet some of Briar Bush's resident animals!

Sky is the Limit Adventure

The night sky holds many wonders. Use binoculars and telescopes to observe the night sky, learn more about constellations and create your own, and explore Briar Bush at night.

Wolf Logo.png
Wolf Programs

Call of the Wild Adventure

Learn how to be prepared when venturing outdoors. Then, explore the Briar Bush trails on a guided hike!

Paws on the Path Adventure

Get ready to take a hike! Learn about outdoor ethics such as Leave No Trace, familiarize yourself with the Briar Bush Trail Map, and explore the creatures that inhabit the Briar Bush forest. 

Bear Programs

Critter Care Adventure

Briar Bush is known for its animal ambassadors! Join us to learn about the responsibilities of pet ownership and how to properly care for different types of pets. 

Fur, Feathers, and Ferns Adventure

In this adventure, we'll explore the outdoor world of mammals, birds, plants, and more. Join a Briar Bush Educator on a guided hike to discover the natural world around you!

Webelos Logo.jpg
Webelos Programs

Into the Wild Adventure

Join us on the Briar Bush Trails to learn about our local ecosystems, understand more about the roles of the plants and animals that call this place their home, and find an appreciation for nature.

Into the Woods Adventure

Learn how wildlife and humans benefit from plants and trees. Understand the role that humans play in environmental stewardship and improve Briar Bush's forest by planting a tree.

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