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Girl Scout Programs

Program Pricing: 

  • Programs start at $8.00 per person.

  • Troop must pay for a minimum of 10 participants at the time of registration.

  • Two adult leaders are free of charge.

  • Any additional adult will be charged as a program participant. We encourage parents to drop-off and pick-up for the programs.

  • For program pricing, please call Briar Bush Nature Center at (215) 887-6603.

Hawkeye Perched 2.jpg

Briar Bush Nature Center offers opportunities for Girl Scouts to learn new skills and gain hands-on experiences in nature as an effort to help them become more comfortable and independent in the outdoors.


Our 12.5 acres serve as a rich oasis and the perfect place for Girl Scouts to explore, discover, and get dirty! Our Girl Scout Badge Programs are listed below. For more information or to schedule, please call us at (215) 887-6603.


Buddy Camper

Camping is an adventure! Learn how to plan and pack for a camping trip. Help to plan and cook a simple meal. Then, explore the trails at Briar Bush while learning how to protect nature!

Clover Petal

Why is it important to use our resources wisely? Learn how to minimize waste and practice using your resources wisely. See how Briar Bush uses their resources wisely to care for the resident animals and the natural world around them!


Learn about forest habitat while exploring the trails at Briar Bush! You'll learn how to be respectful to nature and how to protect it.

Flower Garden Journey

Learn about the importance of plants, visit the compost pile, and learn how nature makes soil. Plant a seed to take home. Participate in a small service project to help the wild critters of Briar Bush.

Rose Petal

There are many ways we can make the world a better place for everyone, both people and animals. Let's make Briar Bush a better place for its visitors and animal residents by feeding the wild birds, picking up trash on the trails, and more!

Space Science Explorer

Take a trip to the sun, moon, and stars! Explore space through observing the sun and moon. Discover and create your own constellations!

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Learn more about the science behind trees, explore the connection between trees and people, get crafty, and help the trees thrive!

Night Owl

Explore what a night at Briar Bush has to offer by learning about our resident nocturnal animals, exploring and using your five senses on a night hike, examining the night sky, and so much more!

Eco Trekker

Discover your important role in nature by learning Leave No Trace, exploring invasive species, practicing an outdoor skill, and making a difference in nature.

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Bugs are interesting critters that help us in many ways. Join the Briar Bush staff to learn what makes an insect an insect, explore the trails in search of bugs, and learn why these little creatures benefit us so much.

Cabin Camper

Camping is always an adventure! Learn how to plan and pack for a camping trip. Plan and cook a meal. Learn a new camping skill like fire-building. Explore the trails while taking a hike!


Explore the Briar Bush trails in search of animal homes. Learn how to protect this forest habitat for critters that inhabit it!


Briar Bush is home to beautiful hiking trails in the middle of the suburbs. Sing hiking songs, pack fun and tasty snacks, and hunt for animal signs all while learning to become a knowledgeable Brownie hiker.

Outdoor Adventurer

Play outdoors, explore nature, learn a new skill, and care for the world around you. There are so many adventures waiting for you so hang on, jump in, and get ready to explore the great outdoors!

Outdoor Art Creator

Nature is your inspiration as you create art and music. Explore Briar Bush and become inspired by the natural world right in your own backyard!


Whether they're cute and cuddly, or slimy and scaly, pets are so much fun. Use this badge to learn how to choose the pet that's right for you - and make sure it stays happy and healthy.


Get ready to use your five senses to experience the natural world around you. Use your senses to explore all that Briar Bush has to offer.

Space Science Adventurer

Take an adventure into space! Learn about the solar system, use a telescope, explore the phases of the moon, and discover constellations!

img (2).jpg

Animal Habitats

Learn about the habitats of wild and domestic animals, discover why some animals become endangered or extinct, and help protect the habitats of the wild and domestic animals at Briar Bush!


An overnight trip in the great outdoors brings you closer to nature and allows you to explore Briar Bush after dark. Watch a sky full of stars, learn how to build a campfire, and cook over one!


Flowers are very beautiful, but there's more to flowers than just good looks. Uncover the science behind flowers while creating your own!


Get ready to dig your hands into the earth and spend time with soil, water, and sunlight to find out how to help life grow from a tiny seed. Learn how to become a green thumb with the help of the Briar Bush staff!

Outdoor Art Explorer

Play outdoors, explore nature, learn a new skill, and care for the world around you. There are so many adventures waiting for you so hang on, jump in, and get ready to explore the great outdoors!

Space Science Investigator

Learn about the solar system. Explore a year around the sun. Go on a night-sky scavenger hunt in search of constellations. Create a star-wheel!

Hey, Girl Scouts!

Are you looking to achieve one of Girl Scouting's highest awards? Briar Bush is willing to work alongside Scouts during their project phase in order to earn their award(s).


Are you looking for an opportunity to volunteer? Briar Bush offers service day opportunities for individual Scouts and Scout Troops to aid in the preservation of Briar Bush, inside and out. For more information regarding these opportunities, please email Melissa Eldridge, Director of Public Programs, at We appreciate your service!

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