Outreach Programs for

Elementary to Adults

Live Animal Program

30-minute or 1-hour program

Live animals and taxidermy mounts highlight this exciting hands-on experience. Participants learn what behaviors and adaptations are unique to each species, then touch and see the critters up close. Content and vocabulary will be age-appropriate. Choose from the following themes or request a theme!

  • General Animal Program

    • Allow the assigned experienced educator to choose the animal line-up for this exciting introduction to a live animal presentation! 

  • Eat Up!

    • From carnivores to herbivores and everything in between, animals eat all different kinds of food. In this program you'll meet animals with different diets and learn why eating things we may consider gross is deliciously good for that animal and the environment as well.

  • Winter Survival

    • When it's cold outside, animals don't have mittens or hot chocolate to keep them warm. Instead, some sleep through the winter, some have thick fur to stay active, and others just pack up and leave! Learn all about how nature beats the cold in this cool program. 

  • Reptiles are the Rage

    • They're cold-blooded, they're scaly, they're reptiles! This group of animals is one of the most fascinating and misunderstood on the planet. Get up close and personal with turtles, snakes, and lizards and find out what makes these critters s-s-spectacular and not so scary. 

  • Native Pennsylvania Animals

    • You don't have to go to another country or even a zoo to see exciting animals; we have them right here in our own backyards! In this program, you'll meet animals from right here in Pennsylvania and learn why they are worthy of some hometown pride.

  • What Are You Wearing?

    • From fur, to feathers, to scales, and more, animals have all different kinds of things that cover their bodies. Some coverings keep an animal warm, some help them to disappear, and some even help an animal be noticed. See a variety of animals and learn how what they wear helps them to survive!

  • How Animals Move

    • They slither, crawl, hop, fly, and scurry. Each animal has its own unique way of moving. Watch Briar Bush's animals move in their own unique ways and then try doing some moving of your own!

  • Fight or Flight: Animal Defenses

    • How would you protect yourself in a dangerous situation? Animals have a variety of ways that they protect themselves; some are familiar, some are gross, and some are downright bizarre! Learn about animal defenses from our not-so-dangerous animal ambassadors.


Lenape Living

1-hour program

Participants explore the history of the native people who lived here in Pennsylvania. Students interact with authentic and re-created props and tools, learn traditional methods of hunting and gathering, and play Native American games.

Custom Programs

1-hour or 1.5-hour program

Briar Bush Nature Center has the ability to create custom programs for specific groups who would like our lessons and programs tailored to their interests. Briar Bush has created custom programs for religious groups, libraries, colleges and universities, Scout groups, and more.

Program Length: 30-minute, 1-hour, or 1.5-hour programs

Group Size: ​Pricing is based on one classroom-size group. Call for Assembly Program pricing.

Program Pricing:

  • Programs start at $75.00.

  • Additional programs scheduled on the same day are discounted.

  • Full payment for the program is due two weeks before the program date.

  • For more accurate pricing and to schedule a program, please contact us at (215) 887-6603.

*Most of our Outreach Program themes can be offered virtually!*

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