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Summer Camp Programs


Saplings Full-Day Camps for Ages 6-7

Ages 6-7


Join us for a full day of excitement, education, and exploration in the outdoors! Each week, lessons and activities build campers' knowledge of natural concepts while games, crafts, hikes, animal encounters, and free-play time to explore make learning tons of fun. Saplings Campers stay onsite, but may visit the Highland Elementary playground and field.

Campers must be age 6-7 at the time of the sessions below in order to participate in Saplings Full-Day CampThe five camp themes below repeat two to three times throughout the summer. Campers cannot be registered for the same theme more than once. Campers registered for more than one week per theme will be removed.

Please call Briar Bush Nature Center at

(215) 887-6603 to be added to the waiting list.

Master of the Elements

Instructor: Seasonal Staff





Water, Earth, Fire, Air: Do you believe you can master all of the elements? Stomp in the stream, dig in the soil, explore the energy of the sun, and feel the summer breeze. Explore the power of these elements as you learn to master them!

$330.00 | Res: $297.00 | Mem: $264.00*

$410.00 | Res: $369.00 | Mem: $328.00

$410.00 | Res: $369.00 | Mem: $328.00

June 17-18, 20-21* - FULL

July 22-26 - FULL

August 26-30 - FULL

The Cycles of Life

Instructor: Seasonal Staff




Nature is full of circles and cycles like the life cycle of a frog, the changing of the seasons, and the cycle of the moon. Explore these cycles at the pond, museum, and more!

$410.00 | Res: $369.00 | Mem: $328.00

$410.00 | Res: $369.00 | Mem: $328.00

June 24-28 - FULL

July 29-August 2 - FULL

Eyes on the Sky

Instructor: Seasonal Staff




It's time to put your eyes to the sky and explore all the things that are happening above you like the soaring birds and drizzling rain. Be sure to keep your eyes on the sky this week - you don’t want to miss a thing!

July 1-3* - FULL

August 5-9 - FULL

$250.00 | Res: $225.00 | Mem: $200.00*

$410.00 | Res: $369.00 | Mem: $328.00

Stealth and Survival

Instructor: Seasonal Staff


Explore how animals use color, texture, body coverings, and more to protect themselves from predators and weather. Can you hide as well as an owl? Can you survive the elements of nature? Put your skills to the test this week as we learn about stealth and survival!

July 8-12 - FULL

August 12-16 - FULL

$410.00 | Res: $369.00 | Mem: $328.00

$410.00 | Res: $369.00 | Mem: $328.00

Child vs. Wild

Instructor: Seasonal Staff


It’s time to live on the wild side! Explore the wild world at Briar Bush by catching frogs, hiking the trails, stomping in the stream, and getting your hands dirty. This camp is the perfect balance of fun and skill building!

July 15-19 - FULL

August 19-23 - FULL

$410.00 | Res: $369.00 | Mem: $328.00

$410.00 | Res: $369.00 | Mem: $328.00

Extended Care

Before and After Care are available for Saplings Full-Day Campers. Registration for Extended Care is separate from Summer Camp Registration.

Before Care



After Care



If you have any questions, please call Briar Bush Nature Center at (215) 887-6603.

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