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Summer Camp Programs

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Saplings Full-Day Camps for Ages 6-7

Ages 6-7


Join us for a full day of excitement, education, and exploration in the outdoors! Each week, lessons and activities build campers' knowledge of natural concepts while games, crafts, hikes, animal encounters, and free-play time to explore make learning tons of fun. Saplings Campers stay onsite, but may visit the Highland Elementary playground and field.

The five camp themes below repeat two to three times throughout the summer. Campers cannot be registered for the same theme more than once. Campers registered for more than one week per theme will be removed.

If the session is full, please call Briar Bush Nature Center at (215) 887-6603 to be added to the waiting list.

Junior Naturalists

Instructor: Seasonal Staff

June 20-23* $355.00 | Res: $319.50  | Mem: $284.00 - FULL
July 24-28$380.00 | Res: $342.00 | Mem: $304.00 - FULL
August 28-September 1$380.00 | Res: $342.00 | Mem: $304.00 - FULL

Join us on a journey of exploration and education and become a Junior Naturalist through hands-on discovery, nature journaling, animal encounters, and more!

Our Microscopic World

Instructor: Seasonal Staff

June 26-30$380.00 | Res: $342.00 | Mem: $304.00 - FULL
July 31-August 4 - $380.00 | Res: $342.00 | Mem: $304.00 - FULL


Dig for and discover the creatures that inhabit the soil, use a microscope to examine macroinvertebrates from our pond, and grab a magnifying glass and explore the tiny parts that make up a flower. Let's take a closer look at our microscopic world!

Solving Nature's Mysteries

Instructor: Seasonal Staff

July 3, 5-7*$355.00 | Res: $319.50  | Mem: $284.00 - FULL
August 7-11$380.00 | Res: $342.00 | Mem: $304.00 - FULL


This week, we'll follow tracks, dig up bones, and study nests and other animal homes as we investigate, collect, and analyze evidence to help solve mysteries and become Nature Detectives!

Where the Wild Things Wander

Instructor: Seasonal Staff

July 10-14 - $380.00 | Res: $342.00 | Mem: $304.00 - FULL
August 14-18 - $380.00 | Res: $342.00 | Mem: $304.00 - FULL


Get ready to explore the captive and wild animals at Briar Bush while learning
about why their habitat is a suitable place to live. Together, we'll discover where the wild things wander!

Earth Keepers

Instructor: Seasonal Staff

July 17-21 - $380.00 | Res: $342.00 | Mem: $304.00 - FULL
August 21-25 - $380.00 | Res: $342.00 | Mem: $304.00 - FULL


The Earth provides us with many opportunities to explore, discover, and get our hands dirty! This week, we'll be out in nature finding wild plants and animals and learning to appreciate all of Earth's wonders.

Extended Care

Before and After Care are available for Saplings Full-Day Campers.

Registration for Extended Care is separate from Summer Camp Registration.

Before Care



After Care




If you have any questions,

please call Briar Bush at (215) 887-6603.

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