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Summer Camp Programs


Seedlings Half-Day Camps for Ages 4-6

Ages 4-6

AM Session: 9:30am-12:00pm

PM Session: 1:30pm-4:00pm

Adventurous and curious, preschoolers love to learn about nature through discovery and play. Each week, mini-lessons on the theme build campers' knowledge of natural concepts while games, crafts, hikes, animal encounters, and free-time to explore make learning tons of fun!

The five camp themes below repeat two to three times throughout the summer. Campers cannot be registered for the same theme more than once. Campers registered for more than one week per theme will be removed.

Pond Explorers

Instructor: Seasonal Staff

June 12-16$260.00 | Res: $234.00 | Mem: $208.00 - AM (FULL), PM (FULL)
July 17-21 - $260.00 | Res: $234.00 | Mem: $208.00 - AM (FULL), PM (FULL)
August 21-25 - $260.00 | Res: $234.00 | Mem: $208.00 - AM (FULL), PM (FULL)

Let's catch frogs and tadpoles, take a closer look at insects that live in the pond, make stream boats, and meet our aquatic turtles. Come join us at our pond and make a splash!

If the session is full, please call Briar Bush Nature Center at (215) 887-6603 to be added to the waiting list.

Bugs and Slugs

Instructor: Seasonal Staff

June 20-23*$235.00 | Res: $211.50 | Mem: $188.00 - AM (FULL), PM (FULL)
July 24-28 - $260.00 | Res: $234.00 | Mem: $208.00 - AM (FULL), PM (FULL)
August 28-September 1 - $260.00 | Res: $234.00 | Mem: $208.00 - AM (FULL), PM (FULL)


During the summer months, Briar Bush is a paradise for creepy-crawlies. With magnifiers, microscopes, and our eyes, we'll stop and take a closer look at these amazing, tiny creatures found on the trails.

Naturally Artistic

Instructor: Seasonal Staff

June 26-30 - $260.00 | Res: $234.00 | Mem: $208.00 - AM (FULL), PM (FULL)
July 31-August 4 - $260.00 | Res: $234.00 | Mem: $208.00 - AM (FULL), PM (FULL)


Nature will be our inspiration this week as we create music and artwork reflecting the natural world and its inhabitants. Be sure to pack your creativity and imagination!

Animal Superpowers

Instructor: Seasonal Staff

July 3, 5-7* - $235.00 | Res: $211.50 | Mem: $188.00 - AM (FULL), PM (FULL)
August 7-11$260.00 | Res: $234.00 | Mem: $208.00 - AM (FULL), PM (FULL)


From birds to mammals to reptiles and more, Briar Bush is home to a variety of animals equipped with their own special superpowers. Come explore amazing animal adaptations through live animal encounters, outdoor exploration, and games galore!

Sensing Nature

Instructor: Seasonal Staff

July 10-14 - $260.00 | Res: $234.00 | Mem: $208.00 - AM (FULL), PM (FULL)
August 14-18 - $260.00 | Res: $234.00 | Mem: $208.00 - AM (FULL), PM (FULL)


Come and smell the flowers, see animals in their habitat, hear robins sing their songs, feel the soft fur and the rough scales of our animal friends, and taste sweet local honey. Your senses are your tools this week as you explore the wonders of nature at Briar Bush!

Extended Care

Before Care is available for Seedlings Half-Day Campers registered for the AM Session.

After Care is available for Seedlings Half-Day Campers registered for the PM Session.

Registration for Extended Care is separate from Summer Camp Registration.

Before Care

For AM Session campers only.



After Care

For PM Session campers only.



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If you have any questions,

please call Briar Bush at (215) 887-6603.

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